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Maroccotrips is a company devoted to welcoming tourism in Morocco. We will show every secret and wonder of our magical dream land, which we know on its most intimate aspects. We can organize tours, routes and journeys according to your interests, adapting ourselves to your holidays and the places where you want to go. If you prefer, we could organize every journey detail for you. Discover Fez, Marrakesh, the Ouzina desert, the Merzouga desert, Morocco’s beaches, travel on a dromedary back, dance to the beat of the drums, sleep in a “haima”. Enjoy the journey, the peace and hospitality of our people. All this with the comfort and tranquillity of being in good hands. Our chauffeur will pick you up at the airport of your choice, and from then on your only worry will be enjoying yourself.


Hamid Ouslimane

I am Berber, born and raised in the desert in South Morocco. I have been working as a tour guide for several years, accompanying tourist in their discovery of the Sahara and all Morocco. I have worked for different travel agencies, therefore I know Morocco and tourists’ needs perfectly. I can speak French, Spanish, English and Italian and, of course, Arab and Berber.

Daniela Andrisani

I am originally from Turin in the north of Italy. I have been in the tourist industry for many years and in different parts of the world. I will be the reference point for European travelers and connecting bridge between the west and the Moroccan cultures. I never stop being amazed by Moroccans’ generosity, love and respect for life. I can speak Italian, German, Spanish, French and English.


We were born in the desert and have always lived here. We are Berber, we know Morocco, Marrakesh, the untouched areas of the desert and we want to show them to you. We want you to enjoy your holidays. We have been in the business for a long time, organising trips with off-road vehicles throughout Morocco. We will make you feel our culture, our tradition, and our people. You will enjoy an unforgettable experience accompanied by our local guides. Every trip and tour could be adjusted according to your budget, whether you desire to stay in a five-star hotel or in a Riad or a Kasbah. You pick!

Tailor-made trips



Within our wide range of possibilities. we want to offer you an unforgettable vacation. For that reason, every month we select a tailor-made itinerary for you. Together with our professional guides, we prepare specialised programmes, in order to discover the best of every place, every spot of Morocco. With our programmes and activities we hope to satisfy the expectations of the most demanding customer. Those activities will bring you close to a new society, with different cultures, mythical places with a rich history and archaeological sites. You will be able to contemplate and smell the perfumes of the different landscapes, immense desert dunes, customised adventures, beaches or just enjoy those charmed special places, in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. In other words, we want you to enjoy every step to the maximum. Make every moment a memorable experience you shall never forget.


Travelling with children

Travelling throughout the desert with your children is giving them a gift, an unforgettable experience that they will always appreciate. They will like the wide-open spaces and the freedom they will find there. Being in contact with nature all the time. They will love playing in the desert sand, exchanging experiences and playing games withlocal children. We are always concerned with your children's safety and needs - comfort,food,entertainment, long distances, etc.



Assistant and guide

English, Spanish, Italian, French and Arab


Responsable desert camp

English, Spanish, Italian, French and Arab



English, Spanish, Italian, French and Arab

Adventure tours

A professional team with a lot of experience in tourism, which offers you trips around Morocco and desert adventures in off-road vehicles. With us you will discover the most beautiful jewels of South Morocco – the amazing Atlas mountains, oasis covered with exuberant palm trees, hundred-year-old Kasbahs, magnificent Berber cities, wild landscapes of deep gorges and canyons, and the Sahara desert with its incredible sand dunes. We are always at your disposal to organize your trip with your family or friends. We will make you feel our culture, our traditions, our people. You will enjoy an unforgettable experience together with our local guides.

Why choose a Tour Operator for an Organized Tour?

Just listening to the word TOUR OPERATOR - ORGANIZED TOUR and people look at you with open eyes thinking: "Is there still a problem? When problems arise, and we no longer know where to turn, then we turn to a travel agent.

But what are the advantages in booking a trip with a tour operator?

  • There are no surprises during the trip and you know in advance what you pay for.
  • We provide all the information about the costs of the Tours and it will not be "a penny more "
  • Being able to see / select in advance the places you want to visit and the facilities of the hotel where you want to sleep
  • Detailed information on the Tour program according to tastes, interests, time and financial budget.
  • The comfort of having assistance in Spanish throughout the trip
  • Airport / Riad / airport transportation on arrival and departure with assistance in Spanish
  • The security and guarantee of the quality of the services

The difference is made with experience!

Traveling is simple and easy, but the unexpected can always happen and most travelers don't know how to cope alone. When booking a trip, we are very happy that we forgot about security.

The correct question is: How to choose a travel agency?

Try to ask lots of questions and if the agent is good he will give you an answer to each one. The travel agent has to know how to accommodate you. You must know if the destiny you had in mind may be good for you or not, since what we like is not always the right thing for us and our needs.

Contact us and you will see for yourself our professionalism at your complete service!

We will take you to discover the most interesting of Morocco

From the imperial cities with the lively and picturesque Casablanca, Rabat, Fez, Meknes and Marrakech, the calm and charming desert of Erg Chebbi, the majestic gorges of Todra and Dades, to the high and green mountains and the Atlas, and the wild and Virgin Atlantic in the South of Morocco, making alternative routes that will take you in contact with the local people.

We will do all this with SUVs or jeep to visit the desert, the cities, the oases and the dunes.

You will discover a country rich in colors, flavors and vitality that you will surely love!

Your trip to Morocco is with MAROCCOTRIPS!



Eusebio estada 101, Palma de mallorca

0034.619.383589 / 0034.661.833089


maroccotrips@gmail.com / info@maroccotrips.es

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